Kids Find Inner Lion: the Strength of the Hero Within

Inside of each of us lives an Inner Lion. Sometimes he is dormant but he is always there waiting for us to tap into our powerful potential. Even adults often struggle to remember this "hero within." It's vital to help children discover their Inner Hero.which exists in all of us regardless of our stature or age. These books highlight the power children have to efect change, sstand up for themselves and appreciate their unique abilities.

Families: Each is Special and Unique and Deserves Respect

teacher asks the class to share what each student feels makes their family special. Told through the words of a little girl, the story begins, "I went last because..." What a powerful opening. Who among us hasn't wanted to go last because we feared not fitting in or felt our situation was something to be embarrassed by, ashamed of, or which others might find inferior in some way? I'm guessing as children we all had some of these kind of moments. (Perhaps even as adults, we've had times when our stomach clenched as we imagined how others might judge our looks, our homes, our families ... us.)

We Are All Born Free

We Are All Born Free: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights edited by Amnesty International illustrated by several award-winning and world-famous artist. It affirms the fundamental rights of all human beings in simplified a child-friendly version. The book builds on this foundation...

Goodwill to All Lights the Season with Hope and Joy

Christians around the world celebrate the Christmas holiday and its beautiful message of compassion, inclusion, hope, and light a season with good will to all. The Trees of the Dancing Goats by author/illustrator Patricia Polacco delivers an inspiring story of neighbor helping neighbor, Jew respecting Christian and, how one family "rescued" the Chritmas holiday for their ailing community.

A Child Is Born and the World Rejoices

A Child Is Born and the World Rejoices In the Christmas spirit of rejoicing for the birth of baby Jesus, this post reviews four books that celebrate a baby's birth day. Two books are adoption-specific while the other two relate to any child. Lavish illustrations, poetic text and sentimental text combine to create memorable books which little ones will enjoy reading and rereading.