Goodwill to All Lights the Season with Hope and Joy

Christians around the world celebrate the Christmas holiday and its beautiful message of compassion, inclusion, hope, and light a season with good will to all. The Trees of the Dancing Goats by author/illustrator Patricia Polacco delivers an inspiring story of neighbor helping neighbor, Jew respecting Christian and, how one family "rescued" the Chritmas holiday for their ailing community.

A Child Is Born and the World Rejoices

A Child Is Born and the World Rejoices In the Christmas spirit of rejoicing for the birth of baby Jesus, this post reviews four books that celebrate a baby's birth day. Two books are adoption-specific while the other two relate to any child. Lavish illustrations, poetic text and sentimental text combine to create memorable books which little ones will enjoy reading and rereading.
The Grace of Gratitude and the Blessing of Diversity

The Grace of Gratitude and the Blessing of Diversity

Thanksgiving focuses us on the grace of gratitude and the blessing of diversity. It exists both as a chance to express gratitude as well as a reminder to pause and notice the many overlooked blessings that enrich our lives. This collection of books helps kids to adopt a fundamental "attitude of gratitude." It also reminds all of us that our thanksgiving festivities are enriched with a plethora of friends, family and foods. Diversity equally blesses our families, communities, country & planet. We're intertwined & mutually dependent on shared success and survival.

Family is a Way of Being, Loving and Caring

Recently diversity has been under siege in our country. More than ever, we must learn about other people, other cultures, other family constellations. Understanding yields acceptance and respect. #DiverseKidLit shines a much needed light on difference. The books reviewed today all focus on what it means to be part of a family, whether in our intimate nuclear families or as part of the family of man. Family is a way of being, of loving, caring, and not just genetics.